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Sobreo Valencia Orange

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Crafted in Alberta, Canada
0 Sugar, Low Calorie, Gluten-Free, Vegan, Halal, Kosher
0% ABV
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Sobreo is the world’s first, ultra-premium, artisanal infusion. A handcrafted, small-batch, refined drinking experience resulting from the union of savoury spices, and aromatic herbs with the functional, health benefits of pure adaptogens.


The Sobreo range features small-batch infusions that are handcrafted by Sobreo’s award-winning Master Artisans using the finest wildcrafted botanicals from around the world. Individual botanicals are macerated up to 60 days to ensure maximum natural flavour extraction using zero alcohol, making Sobreo the finest 100% alcohol-free product on the market.  

Sobreo is oak-aged with American & French Revere oak that has been seasoned for 24 to 36 months before being convection toasted for a consistent & unique flavour, the infusion is refined six times before being blended with pure glacier water from the Canadian Rockies.  The finished infusion is a refined drinking experience that is 67% water and 33% Botanical Extract, meaning Sobreo’s bold flavours hold up better in cocktails than distilled non-alcoholic “spirits” that are 99.5% water.  

Tasting Notes:

Sobreo Valencia Orange is a burst of bright sweet orange, followed by a floral fragrance and flavours of Chilean Rose Hips, the five flavours of Manchurian Schisandra and intricacy that are unique to Valencia Orange.  

Best Enjoyed:

Margarita and sangria lovers: this one is for you. Because Sobreo Valencia Orange has similar qualities to a triple-sec, we recommend adding it to a margarita or your favourite white sangria. It's also a great addition to a soda or tonic for a refreshing drink on a hot summer day!

You can also blend Sobreo with premium tonic, soda water, spirits, seltzer, CBD oil, juices or handcrafted bitters to create your own favourite Sobreo Style cocktail.