100ish Reasons Why I Decided to Remove Alcohol From My Life

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Chances are if you found your way to this site you are somewhat open to the idea that eliminating alcohol from your drinks, even if for a short period of time, has some merit. Nevertheless people seem to have a curiosity for the “why.” 

When I first stopped drinking alcohol, my initial challenge was in social situations where some people always wanted to know what was in my glass. When friends (and sometimes even strangers!) realized it wasn’t the predictable red or white wine in the goblet I was holding then questions or statements would follow. Questions like, “What’s in your glass?” “Why aren’t you drinking?”, “Is this forever?”, or sometimes a quiet, “Good for you”.

Really, no explanation is required for anyone who asks such questions. However, I will share them with you here because you’ve found your way to this site for a reason. And I have a fondness for the “whys” in life and maybe you do too!

So here are my 100-ish reasons why I decided to remove alcohol from my life (not in any ranking order and please don’t count the reasons, I may have exaggerated a bit on the “100” part).

The "why” is really answered by what removing alcohol from my drinks has allowed me to do. 

  • Improve my sleep
  • Hydrate instead of dehydrate
  • Always be able to drive myself to and fro..anywhere/anytime
  • Think more clearly
  • Live hangover-free 365 days of the year!
  • Be more efficient in exercise
  • Create space for new hobbies on weekends
  • Have a regular sleep 7 nights a week
  • Improve my skin (goodbye rosacea!!!)
  • Model a healthy lifestyle to my wonderful daughters
  • Be more creative on most days
  • Be reliable 7 days a week
  • Just “be” with difficult feelings
  • Discover meditation (as a way to “just be” with those difficult feelings)
  • Align my values with the way I live my life
  • Bring yoga to my life in a big way
  • Meet lovely, like-minded people on the journey
  • Develop a gratitude practice
  • Work more efficiently 
  • Discover an evening tea ritual 
  • Travel with a different agenda (early to bed, early to rise gives you a different perspective of a new place)
  • Be fully rested after a vacation is over
  • Have energetic Mondays!
  • Discover who my real friends are
  • Address my FOMO (fear of missing out) issues 
  • Save a lot of money, weekly, monthly, yearly
  • Develop a life and recovery coaching business
  • See everything more clearly
  • Discover the world of non-alcoholic beverages
  • Bring Clearsips to people just like you!

What are your reasons for wanting to remove alcohol for a bit, for now, or for today? I highly recommend starting your own list. You’ll be amazed!

- Margaret

Margaret is a Certified Professional Life Coach, Certified Professional Recovery Coach, and a Certified She Recovers Coach. She holds a B.A in Psychology, a Masters Degree in Education, and has worked in the field of Education for over 30 years.

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